EN Roberta is huge! Kind! And very fearfull ! She knows what it’s like to hurt your stomach from hunger … she knows also what it is like to beat you bleeding … people and the dogs in the shelter… She knows so well that he hastily eaten the granules he has picked up and [...]


    EN Grandma Donny is very sad …. for the Human, for the better life before … a long time ago. She is calm and kind,seeking for people attention . We are looking for home for Donny. Who will give this worthy lady a decent old age? Approx.age 8+ years old .She is very [...]


EN Berta is abandoned in the shelter … Berta is a big and relaxed dog about 5+ years old. Berta can not go to the street because she has never lived there … but how long will she stand in the shelter? We are looking for responsible adopters for BERTA !


    EN Malina is about a year old, very tender and sweet creature!